Alicia Vikander on stage at Sao Paulo Comic Con with Brasilian Tomb Raider cosplayers!


This past weekend, Alicia Vikander attended Comic Con in Sao Paulo, Brasil, to promote the upcoming Tomb Raider movie. During this event, she met the fans and a new official poster was unveiled...

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Also last week, Crystal Dynamics delivered a message to fans anouncing that there will be...wait for it... a new GAME!

Will this be the rumoured "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" title? We'll just have to wait and see!

Updates - Nomember 2017!


On 17th of this month, an exclusive press event was held in London and Alicia Vikander (Lara Croft), and Daniel Wu (Lu Ren) were special guests.
Vikander's adventure worn costume was on display alongside her encased climbing axe, as were her bow and arrows.
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22nd November, the first issue of the third series in Dark Horse's reboot of the comics was released and is now available to buy!

The Making Of Tomb Raider Hunted

Josh Pate (Mathias) set building.
One of the things I love and find so inspiring about the film industry, especially the indie film industry is how you can create something from nothing and how much you can achieve when passionate and creative people come together.
That was literally the case for our Tomb Raider fan film. All we had at the beginning was a small group of fans from different parts of the world who had the want to pay tribute to a character and franchise we all loved. No budget. No filming equipment. Three years later it had grown into something else entirely!
In the article I wrote about the film's release, I explained a bit about the trials and tribulations the team went through to make this happen and that made seeing the final result all the more rewarding!

For the last few weeks, I've been working on the largest video project I've had to date - a complete 46 miniute long making of from the start of pre-production til the end of post-pruduction - three years worth of content! I had some challenges myself in order to get iMovie to make and publish it!
This is something I wanted to do for a while but seeing the behind the scenes of Hollywood's new and upcoming installment, as well as other fan films, gave me a boost of inspiration to get it done.
There's lots of unseen footage in here and I wanted to show what this project meant to us.
We know it's not the best one out there but it's ours and we've done our bit express our passion for what we do. The fact that we've received so much support alongside that gives us even more satisfaction.
Hope you enjoy watching!

Cosplay Corner: Devante Jones

Welcome to the Cosplay Corner, a new feature where we spotlight cosplayers and talk to them about their craft.
First is the talented Devante Jones! Devante is a professional male model based in Alabama who moonlights as his own personification of the Croft hero.
He has also starred in two Tomb Raider fan films with a twist, both of which he wrote.
We thank him for taking the time to talk to us!

TDD: How did you find cosplay and what was the initial inspiration for portraying a male Croft?
DJ: I found cosplay by seeing other people dress up but never understood why until I found my passion for it. I am inspired by Lara Croft because I see a lot of traits in her that I see within myself. She is very strong physically and mentally, very curious, intelligent, adventures, and brave. I relate to her.
She has been a positive role in my life and I have enjoyed her. I realized that she didn't just have an impact on females but males as well and people of all nationalities, religion, race, and gender. 
I started dressing up as her because I feel like her through spirit. Now I understand why people cosplay.

How do you choose a historical object or event as a base for your fan films?
DJ: The idea of a fan film came about when I started to post about my cosplay pictures and someone just randomly messaged me and just asked if I thought about doing a little short film of my cosplay.
It was an idea and I took on the project to make a fan film and being a male version was something no one had seen before so it was fascinating to make one. I feel as though I broke barriers.

TDD: How did the idea to make a fan film come about?
DJ: For "Tomb Raider: The Skull of Híízgo", the story was based around a real Indian tribe by the name of Abenaki who lived in Canada. I just merged my ideas with a powerful skull in the mixed of the time that they were around.
My latest film "Guardian of the Tomb Raider" was based around a Greek figure by the name of Arminius who was a real warrior for the Cherusci Warriors back in 9 A.D and I merged my idea of the sword he wielded as a supernatural sword that was hidden inside a cave during the war with the Cherusci Warriors.

TDD: Has cosplay changed your life in any way?
DJ: Cosplay has definitely changed my life in a way that I've been able to meet amazing people in the Tomb Raider community and to be a part of it and to also be able to travel to Comic Con events where I'm amongst people like me. Also it has made me appreciate the franchise even more and has helped me discover hidden skills that I didn't know I had like crafting, painting, sculpting, and film writing for my fan films.

TDD: You seem to have an intense regime for keeping fit. Any advice for cosplayers who want to get in better shape?
DJ: Yes I do have a regime ha ha. It's about knowing your body and knowing what you can and can not eat! Also it's about minimizing your intake of your food. Also working out about 5 days a week will help to keep a better way of living for yourself.

TDD: What would you say to any male cosplayers out there who want to do gender bend costumes?
DJ: I would say go for it and make a change and a difference! We live in a day and time where people and society are diverse - and it should be that way. If you feel as though a character has inspired you, just put yourself out there and don't be ashamed to be a male version of a female character. It's about your perception and how you feel in your cosplay and not what others think.

TDD: We have to ask. Any more fan films planned?
DJ: Yes! I would love to do another cosplay film and as of right now I am brainstorming for new ideas and possibly a crossover cosplay film hopefully will come to life with another character such as Nathan Drake from Uncharted. That would be amazing!

Check out his fan films below...

Also, be sure to follow Devante's Facebook page!

Shooting a Tomb Raider Fan Film Abroad

Rebecca Crossdale (Lara Croft) on location in Almeria, Spain. Photo by Dylan Webb.

Fan films are one of my favourite creative mediums in the Tomb Raider community!
It’s always nice to see someone new take on the character of Lara Croft and make her their own, as well as what the filmmakers achieve visually.
Recently, a group of students from the University of Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey, set out to make a short film that would be a hybrid of the classic and reboot Tomb Raider games and started a campaign on Go Fund Me.
The action adventure was released a few months ago (now with over 5,900 views) and I was struck by the impressive cinematography, lighting and especially the beautiful locations and landscapes provided by the city of Almeria in Spain.
The two directors James Ashley and Dylan Webb chatted with me about making this labour of love.

TDD: When did this project start and what made you choose Tomb Raider?
DW: This project started in early October 2016 when my university informed us we had to create a short 5 minute film as part of our course.
I do film production at UCA Farnham and have made several films throughout my time at university​.
These films have all either been dramas or comedies, so for this final project I wanted to do something different.
At the time I was heavily invested in fan films, particularly with Star Wars. James and I tried to get a Star Wars film going outside of our studies but found the costs being way too much, so it was left. I was also getting into the new Tomb Raider video games on the PS4, especially Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. James and I sat down and decided we wanted to make a film that would stand out from our previous work and other students in our class, I love films with a strong female lead and James loves actions films, so Lara Croft was the perfect middle ground, and it turns out we both love her!

JA: The idea to do a Tomb Raider fan film was talked about between me and Dylan as far back as August. We decided we wanted to team up and make a fun film for our final project. There are too many depressing films made with those sorts of projects!

Tomb Raider was a natural choice for us as Lara Croft’s world mixes together several different genres and elements that cater to Dylan and I’s differences in taste.
EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Crossdale as Lara Croft. Photo by Dylan Webb.

TDD: How much money did you manage to raise with your crowd funding campaign and how did it help with the production?
D&J: We used GoFundMe to raise money for our fan film, mainly due to the project shifting to be filmed abroad and also we are students, money is tight!
We didn't want to remove any elements from our film due to production costs, so we kept it contained in terms of script without hindering the story.
That was an extremely hard task because we had such cool ideas floating around, but they often lead to bringing up the budget. We managed to raise just shy of £350, with our overall budget being £1200. This money helped us out with accommodation and food, essential things for all film productions. 
Without the generosity from family, friends and even some fans we wouldn't have been able to make this film the way we wanted, so we as a team are very grateful!

TDD: How did you go about casting?
DW: For casting, we used Casting Call Pro. I was in charge of casting and I posted the ad up and received an overwhelming amount of responses for this role.
We had over 40 actors come forward to play Lara Croft, and we had and extremely successful audition turnout, I think all but 1 showed up. It felt great seeing how many people wanted to work on this film and play such an iconic role.
We met some great people during the process, but could only pick one and finally went with Rebecca [Crossdale], due to the fact she showcased the most commitment and enthusiasm for the project. She even turned up fully dressed as Lara Croft, something we never asked for but admired. She was definitely the right choice for the role!

Rebecca Crossdale's audition.
JA: We ran two days of auditions in London. We had many hopefuls turn up and with each one we’d talk to them about what the character meant to them and established what experience they might have that would benefit them if they played the starring role.

We also did a very short bit of fight choreography with each potential Lara, to get a feel for whether they’d be able to execute the moves I had in mind for the action scenes.
Finally we selected the top two and ran a final workshop with each of them, it was close, but Dylan and I unanimously agreed that our star was Becky Crossdale.
We have never regretted the decision once, she’s a pleasure to work with and she’s gone above and beyond her role as our lead actress to help us get the film made.

TDD: How did the idea of shooting in Spain come about?

DW: We lost our original producer due to scheduling issues with other productions, so we found another at our university who seemed to really like our idea. It was her idea to take the production to Spain to increase production value for the project, and it turned out to be cheaper to film abroad than in London! Once the rest of the team found out about Spain, it was decided this is what we wanted and I think it helps the aesthetic of the film look professional.
It was a great experience I think other filmmakers should try. We had several production issues, but us knowing we couldn't just hop back on the plane and do a reshoot made us more alert, careful and we were commended for our ability to think on the spot and solve problems quicky! This project has definitely given me a better understanding of how to make a film.

JA: A member of our team came from Almeria in Spain and due to her contacts over there, it seemed like a great option.

TDD: What were the challenges of making this film?
JA: Numerous challenges, our whole crew changed several times before we even finished pre-production, mostly due to scheduling conflicts or visa issues.
When we went across to Spain and arrived in Almeria, our location fell through. 
The bulk of the film was originally going to be filmed in some caves, the final film we came away with was very different as our location manager lost our access to the cave the day before we were meant to start shooting. Our whole script went out of the window.
While everyone was asleep, Dylan and I went location scouting at 1am, desperate to save our film from disaster.
After a couple of hours of exploring, we found a castle, which became the main backdrop for our film. Luckily Almeria has some beautiful countryside too, which we used in the final part of our film. We made up the events of the film the next morning after talking to the castle staff. Thankfully the staff at the castle were very friendly and gave us permission to film there.
We had a small problem with our sound recordist, who was coincidentally also our location manager, sadly Almeria being her home town, she preferred going and socialising with old friends rather than doing that much recording. Which means the film’s sound that you hear, is pretty much all done in post production with dubbing and foley!
EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Crossdale (Lara Croft) on location at Alcazaba de Almeria.

TDD: Shooting a film that requires weaponry abroad is not an easy task. How did you manage that aspect?
DW: The weapons were a worry for a long time. We were in talks with our university on how to go about getting the guns abroad, and in the end we just decided to be honest and phone the flight companies and explain what we wanted and what we were doing. That was the scariest part as the weapons are key to the film, and we were highly doubtful they would allow it. To our surprise they were fine with it, they understood we were students making a film, and asked a few questions about the project and we were approved. It was such a relief and an exciting moment that we were taking weapons across the border! We wouldn't have been able to do any of this without our amazing producer Christi, who was the one contacting the airports and flight companies to get this sorted and thanks to her we had the weapons in the film - and we avoided being arrested! If anyone if thinking about doing the same, just be honest and ask, you'll be surprised how cooperative people and companies actually are with filmmakers!

JA: All credit for that goes to our talented producer Christi Leigh Cooper, she must have got at least 8 different signatures from the highest authorities at our university and contacted customs weeks in advance to explain that we wanted to take props with us.

With lots of work, she managed to pull it off!

TDD: Is there anything you took away from this experience?
DW: I've touched on this a little already but what I took from this experience is most certainly more knowledge of how to make a film. Going abroad has shown all of us that films are not easy to make, you need to be able to think on the spot and under pressure as well as creatively. It's not an easy thing to do. This was one of the best film experiences I had in terms of the things it had taught me and the confidence it gave me as a filmmaker. I loved working on it and I would certainly do it all again!

JA: It helped me develop my ability to adapt quickly to unexpected situations and think of creative ways around problems we encountered on the spot.

Also to make sure you use people who’re committed to your film whenever possible because you won’t get it made without a massive team effort!
EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Crossdale (Lara Croft) on location in Almeria, Spain.

TDD: Any plans to do another Tomb Raider fan film in the future?
DW:😎 Most definitely yes. There was always going to be more than one film. Simone, the screenwriter, is working on the next script. Right now we have several ideas floating around and without revealing too much, there may be involvement of dinosaurs at some point! I also like the idea of setting it in a snowy country, I think that will be a nice change from our last film. I'm really looking forward to bringing everyone back to carry on our Tomb Raider films and sharing them with everyone.

JA: If all goes to plan it’s currently planned to be filmed up in Wales and it’ll be a much more story driven piece compared to the non stop running in the first film!

Let's hope Rebecca won't have to run around in the snow wearing shorts. 😉
Special thanks to Dylan and James for talking to me! I look forward to your future projects!
Rebecca also wanted to talk to us when she has the chance.
In the meantime, check out the film and some more exclusive behind the scenes photos below...
EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Crossdale on location at Alcazaba de Almeria.
EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Crossdale on location at Alcazaba de Almeria.

EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Crossdale on location in Almeria, Spain.
EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Crossdale as Lara Croft. Photo by Dylan Webb.

Official Tomb Raider (2018) Film Trailer is Here!!!

Official poster featuring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.
It's finally here!!!
The first footage of the upcoming Tomb Raider movie reboot starring a fierce and very athletic looking Alicia Vikander!

Late last night GMT, the leading lady appeared on The Late Late Show for the world premiere of the trailer which was very well received by the audience....oh and James Corden cosplayed Lara.

She also took part in IGN's special live stream in which she talked about her history with the Tomb Raider games, answered some fan questions and shared stories from the set.

Kate's Thoughts on the Trailer

As we see in the new silver screen Wonder Woman, times are changing for the better for female characters in film. Some think we no longer need characters like Bridget Jones. What we do need are strong, independent and sometimes, even, rebellious women to set a positive example for young girls and women world wide to challenge those segments of society and say "yes I can and I will".
I've not yet seen "Wonder Woman" myself but everything that I have seen about it gave me confidence that this is a female superhero film done right.
I feel the same about the new Tomb Raider trailer. This is a young woman with no superpowers nor a greek god for a father. She isn't a billionaress and doesn't have a private plane to take her where-ever she wants whenever she wants. She's a girl from London with a difficult past and uncertain future who just has her intellect and relentless fighting spirit to go after the things she wants. I guess that makes her a different kind of superhero.
What I also like the look of is that everything is so similar to the reboot games but they've gone one step further. Alicia's Lara already has the physicality and the personality from the classics that everyone associates with the character.
That brings me to my other point.
As someone who is passionate about the film industry, Alicia Vikander is an inspiration in her own right.
She literally threw herself into this role, building her body up through intense workouts in the months leading up to filming and then pushed herself to the limits by using her dance background to do almost all of the stunts herself!
Just take a look at this behind the scenes featurette...

I believe this is who Lara Croft needs to be now and I have a strong feeling that this could be the perfect Tomb Raider movie!

To keep up to date, you can visit the official website
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Nicobass' Tomb Raider 2 Remake Released!!!

20 years after the release of the second Tomb Raider game, Nicobass has granted fans' wishes and has brought us his own next generation remake, of the first section to be precise, set in and around the illustrious Great Wall of China. A project that started in early 2016, a group of Tomb Raider community members from the world over teamed up to make this happen; with Jennifer Milward being the voice of Lara Croft, Alexandre Serel writing the script and Dean Kopri composing the incredible score. Also, the beautiful background on the main menu and loading screens are by our very talented header designer, Inna Vjuzhanina.

A fanmade level on this scale has never before been seen and this has created a huge buzz amongst the fans, embracing it as if it were an official title. In the first 24 hours alone, the download link crashed as a result of too much traffic!

It's certainly a work of art from start to finish with rich and beautifully realistic enviroments, complex  puzzles and extremely hidden secrets! The play style is very much inspired by Crystal Dynamics' pre-reboot games, as if it follows on from Tomb Raider: Anniversary, but with more obscure pathways.

If you have a PC or if you watch a playthrough video, you're in for a treat!
You can download the level on the website here.
Also, be sure to check out the Facebook page.